Does your IP portfolio reflect your business strategy?
Do you wear belts and braces or do you take chances? Do you know what you have?

IP is viewed by many staff groups in a company as an obstacle rather than a way to secure return of investment in marketing and innovation. By others IP is considered a discipline in itself and sometimes a large portfolio of IP rights is regarded as something to strive for.

The company may have a significant portfolio of IP rights, but the investment in this portfolio may in fact not be well coordinated with the business priorities of today.

Sometimes the company may not have the full overview over its portfolio and parts of the business values may be left unprotected whereas some may be over-protected. The company may also have a portfolio that is too small compared to the importance of IP rights for the future of the business.

Graulund Consulting provides help to companies in a review of the work processes leading to investments in protection of IP to ensure that there is close coordination with the business strategy.
Graulund Consulting provides assistance to companies in conducting a review of the portfolio based on today’s business strategy as well as future prospects.
Graulund Consulting will conduct a review of the portfolio to ascertain whether the IP systems are used in the most cost-efficient manner whilst keeping in mind that adequate protection must be achieved.
Graulund Consulting offers guidance in setting up a system to a regularly reoccurring measuring of IP investment against business strategy.