When have you last looked at who you are and if that is reflected in what your clients say about you? Does that match with who you want to be, and if not, do you know how to get there?

Your clients may have a picture of you that you do not recognise – or worse, they have no real impression of what you stand for. You will wish to articulate a strategic plan leading to a clear vision of values and capabilities and then implement it successfully.

The planning process requires a realistic understanding of your business position in existing and intended markets, as well as solid intelligence about your competition. How are you doing, really? What is your singular place in the market? Who are your true competitors?

The structure of a consultancy firm, its management, practice groups, industry groups and branch offices, can be critical to future growth and flexibility. Retirement at all levels of leadership can be unsettling and often comes when you are least prepared for it. Your strategic plan may include growth, by internal expansion, merger or acquisition, or some form of consolidation, 

Our combined experience in IP market developments, the business of IP and the clients’ needs will enable you to articulate a clear vision of success and then realise it.

We can help you define who you are, who you want to be and how to get there. We take an integrated approach that focuses both on the big picture of your business and the small details that turn vision into reality. 
Our competitive intelligence metrics will gauge where you stand, and where you could stand, in relation to your competition.
We can evaluate whether your current structures promote your strategic objectives, support your firm's values and culture, and optimize effective management.
We will help you identify and develop current and future leaders to make sure that you are in good hands throughout each transition.
We will assist you in setting up a growth plan to ensure that all factors critical to success are identified and implemented.