Graulund Consulting provides custom management consulting services to firms in the IP business.

Because we understand the challenges facing the legal industry today, we can work with your organisation to develop an effective, customised plan to identify and achieve your objectives, and we provide the strategic support necessary for successful implementation.

We specialise in addressing the wide range of issues challenging the IP profession and service providers on a client-by-client basis:

  • Strategic planning
  • Practice management
  • Development and Marketing
  • Organisational dynamics

We take the time to learn about your goals, priorities, values and culture, and then we apply our knowledge, expertise and know-how to creating strategies and practical solutions tailored to your organisation's specific needs.

If you are interested in more detail, see please below, or contact us.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Plans

We can help you define who you are, who you want to be and how to get there. Our integrated approach focuses on the big picture of your business and the small details that turn vision into reality. Our methods will enable you to articulate a clear vision of success and then realise it.

Acquisition, Growth and Consolidation Plans

Our comprehensive plans ensure that all factors critical to success are identified and implemented. 

Business Positioning and Competitive Advantage

Our competitive market analysis will gauge where you stand and your potential, in relation to your competition.

Succession Plans

We will help you identify future leaders and develop a program to ensure a leadership development process, transition plan and implementation program so that you are prepared throughout the transition and for the challenges to come.

Practice Management

Organisation and Management Structure

We can evaluate whether your current structures promote your strategic objectives, optimise effective management and support your firm’s values and culture.

Leadership Evaluation and Performance

Our evaluation of your leadership strengths and needs at all levels—firm management, practice groups, committees and client and industry teams—will enhance your performance programs to provide a sustainable structure for ongoing improvement of your practice management.

Risk Management

We can assist in devising, managing and auditing risk-management systems that minimise the risks that IP firms face, such as potential liability, critical human capital issues or negative practice trends.

Development and Marketing

Client Relationship Management

Client relationship management is both an art and a science to be mastered by partners, learned by associates and supported by staff. We will work with you to provide the best client services to strengthen your relationships to secure client loyalty and new business referrals.


We will work with your firm to implement a cohesive marketing program to suit your goals and resources that includes print and electronic materials, directory listings, advertising, social networking and public and media relations.

Organisational Dynamics

As in all professional services, the key asset of any law firm specialised in IP is its human resources. However, the people who choose to become lawyers are different from those who choose to become doctors or accountants. Simply following a generic organisation model is not likely to yield optimal results.

Our organisational-dynamics assessments and programs were created based on our experience with people who work in IP. These programs can help colleagues work together more effectively, fostering improved productivity and staff retention and promoting expanded communication and sense of community.

Communication and Morale

Improving communication skills can also make a pronounced improvement in a firm’s cohesiveness and collegiality. We can conduct a cultural audit to identify those areas where a targeted program could most impact productivity and ease of discourse.

Merger Integration and Change Management

We can identify cultural differences and determine methods to integrate diverse values, traditions and attitudes to ensure a successful merger and provide guidance for the implementation of all firm changes, whether involving people, offices or policies.

Internal Conflict Management

We can facilitate a resolution with minimal distraction and avoid ill-will, or establish a mechanism for internal conflict resolution, without putting the firm or the dispute in the public eye.