Are you in control of what happens to trademarks and other IP rights from development of your products to bottom line?

In most companies creation of new products and services are the responsibility of marketing and innovation staff who has many other priorities than to think of IP. IP is seldom on the top of their list. 

Staff does not always understand the long-term effect of the choices they make today. As an example a decision regarding selection of name for a new product may have significant effect on the business opportunities 10, 20 years down the line. Sometimes decisions will be made without full knowledge and understanding of the obstacles that may arise when the product is to be exported to a new market or when marketing staff decide to do a brand extension. Many future problems with for instances lookalikes and other forms of copies can be avoided with the proper work processes in place at the outset of a project.

The building and protection of IP must become a joint effort of the staff groups, and companies need to pool the creative effort to ensure that new products will be launched without problems and that future income is safe.

We provide help to companies in building the bridge between the different parts of the company involved in IP, be it creation, exploitation or protection.
We will assist companies in setting up policies and guidelines that will lead to decisions being taken with full knowledge of possible consequences for the future.

We have extensive experience in developing tools to control the processes that lead to creation of IP rights so that clients will be able to enter the market on a solid footing.