Have you attracted the clients that you want? Do you have a plan? Have you made sure that you always do the best by the client and nurture the relationship?

Client relationship management is both an art and a science and must be supported by staff and technology. Client relationships are critically important to each attorney's success and fundamental to a firm's well-being. 

Marketing requires an understanding of your market position, knowledge about your business targets and their decision-making process, conflicts evaluations, introductions and contacts, as well as well-crafted proposals. It also requires supporting elements, so that your name is recognized, your attorneys are known, your stories told and your expertise is recognised. 

Our combined experience in IP market developments, the business of IP and the clients’ needs will enable you to articulate a marketing plan and review your client relationship management.

We will work with you to give the best and get the best from your relationships to secure client loyalty and new business referrals.
We work as your partner to develop a marketing plan that reflects your strategic objectives and the nature of IP services purchasers and that will raise the standing of your firm.
We will work with your staff to implement a cohesive marketing program to suit your goals and resources, including print and electronic materials, directory listings, advertising, and public and media relations.