Does everyone in the company understand the value of trademarks and of IP as a whole and how they can be put to work for the company?

IP rights almost always left in the hands of staff members who are unaware of the importance of protecting the business value that resides in these rights. Marketing staff has many other priorities than to think of IP and it is simply often not on their radar. Furthermore, management will often measure the efforts of marketing staff on fast successes rather long-term brand building. 

Staff with IP as part of their tasks does not always have the means of reaching out to other staff groups or to keep themselves informed of the use of existing IP rights or indeed of the creation of new rights as part of the brand building process.

The building and protection of IP must become a joint effort of the staff groups, and companies need to pool the creative effort rather than risk uncertainties that will cause problems in relation to budgeting, planning and launch of products. The ultimate aim should be to protect brand value and corporate reputation.

We can assist in building the bridge between the different parts of the company involved in IP, be it creation, exploitation or protection.

We have the expertise to assist in putting together policies, guidelines and checklists that will be the foundation of the company’s common IP culture.
We have extensive experience in developing tools to increase the communication between the different parts of the company and to build a common understanding of the values of IP for business success.
We offer training targeted specifically for the different staff groups so as to build a proper IP culture in the company.